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Shopping for Donkeys with QNZH's !!!

Monday, June 02, 2014 - Joanne Bridgman
"Charm" and "Penny", cuties !!!Last week I had an interesting new challenge.  I had  a client from Tahiti  and we went  shopping for donkeys.
What fun that was !!!
Learnt alot and sort of fell in love with donkeys in the process .....EEK ... might have to buy one now !!!

We bought the 2 pedigree English Donkeys as  shown in the picture here , "Charm"  and "Penny"  ( well that is the  short names however  they have  super fancy  long names too ) .

bit of a freak ,,, a Mammoth donkey at 2 years !!!I was introduced to Mammoth Donkeys at this stud.
Intriguing !!!!
This one in the photo  is basically a freak of nature,
It is only 2 years old and already about 17 hh .
I am  5' 6" and look how big it is .
I am told the mature Mammoth Donkeys average about 16 hh .

Well "Charm" and "Penny" will be off to Tahiti in July to hang out in Aodrena's garden and live a life of luxury on one of the Tahitian islands called RAEATEA ( next to Bora Bora ).

Lucky donkeys I reckon , will have to pay them a visit in paradise !!!!

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