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Interesting Dressage Results European Champs....

Saturday, September 26, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman
Kristina Cook on "Miners Frolic"The  overnight dressage results tell a different story at the European Eventing Championships, Fontainebleau .
The British team are in the lead with a good margain .
Two  of the Brits , Kristina Cook  on  her stunning TB gelding    " Miners Frolic " and Oli Townend  on  " Flint Curtis " are equal first on 37.90.
The best  individual placing the Germans could manage was 6th...
  This is interesting as often they are very hard to beat on their warmbloods  bred for their movment  and precision in the  ring.
The standard of dressage is outstanding with 8 combinations in the late  30's .
As always in eventing ,  results may change after the xc day ......... go the Brits !!!

Click here for dressage results .

Taiwan clients shopping again in NZ !!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman
Jason Lu + Margaret from TaiwanJason Lu  will be visiting NZ again , arriving   28th  September to source horses for his  clients in Taiwan.   This is a very successful  on going business relationship  I have with  Jason .
The horses they bought on the last visit ( Dec 08) they are thrilled with  .   Just to let you know all  the horses are extremelly well cared for in top class facilities up  in Taiwan.

This time they are looking for six   geldings  over 16 hh as follows .......

 2 x  quiet  school horses that jump  to 80 cm to 1m  height,  max age 10
 2 x 4 to  6 yo,  broken in, untrained with  a good easy trainable brain  
2  x jumpers competing minimum 1.20m height, max age 10

Please contact us  asap if you have any horses you are keen to show to us !!!

Burghly Horse Trials .... XC video footage !!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman
Check out this fun video clip of Burghely Horse Trials 2009 xc.
Who can you recognise ?

Click here ....

Burghely Horse Trials 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman
Zara Phillips on her NZ eventer Glenbuck.Monday morning and up  early to check results of Burghley HT in UK. It was such exciting news to read  Polly Stockton jumped clear SJ to finish 2nd on Mossy
 ( Westwood Poser ) , the talented  10 yo irish gelding by Master Imp. 
I am so thrilled for Polly and loyal owner Arthur Comyn. As Polly rides Quincey for me I am closely involved with Team Stockton and one of her biggest supporters !!!
Another horse  we are  thrilled to see in top placings was SS Jett ridden by Karin Donckers of Belguim.  QNZH sold this horse as a 4 yo , and is wonderful to see he has fulfilled his expections of being a top 4* horse.  Scored a 48 dressage and one of the few double clear jump rounds  ( some time xc only ) to finish 13th.

NZ started with a flourish in the dressage  to be standing 2nd ( Andrew Nicolson on Nereo ) , 3rd  ( Caroline Powell on Lenamore ) and 14th ( Neil Spratt on Hugo's There III).  
Sadly we drifted back in the placings but Caroline still finished in top 10 on  8th with  her wonderful campaigner Lenamore.  Their 2 rails SJing were costly moving them from 2nd down 6 placings.  It was considered a tough xc track this year with 25 horses being eliminated or retiring out on the xc .

Back in sunny NZ !!!

Sunday, September 06, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman
Delightful little surprise 2 days old !!!I arrived back in NZ to the most glorious spring weather and sunny blues skies each day.  The QNZH team of horses are all back on track having wintered well thanks to the help of Adrienne,  who did a great job whilst I was away.

This weekend a surprise package was delivered, in the form of a perfect little filly foal .  I was about to take mum Sophie off to Seaton Park Stud , where they provide  professional 24 hour supervision for mares about to foal, but got  caught out.  Mum  Sophie still had her winter rug on, so the filly had to slither through all the leg straps ,  but all is well and one very well sized healthy little girl is basking in the sunshine. She is a perfect tiny replica   of her mum  with identical  colour and markings.  This little filly  is a 3/4 sister to That's Smart in USA and Quincey in UK .

UK Visit - part 4

Monday, August 31, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman

Cosmic Creature and Quincey in mud !!!Next  headed up to  Polly Stockton's  place in Cheshire to hang out for a few days.  My  horse Quincey and 2 of my ex  horses Sonny (Estrada ) and Lyall  are based there.   Great to see Sonny  again, sadly he is having time out due to injury  but Lyall is going awesome at 2* level so that is  pleasing .  Polly had two adorable hound puppies ( from local hunt )  and while I was watching her school Quincey one day, they were sitting beside me innocently  munching on  my digital camera and destroyed it .  Ooops !!!
 I headed up to Scotland  in my little "bubble" car   to attend  Blair Castle 3DE  and visit my good friend Nicky Roncoroni ,  based in very beautiful  Borders ( border of Scotland and England) .  Nicky' new yard is just wonderful  and she has a  promising team of young horses in her yard.

Mark Todd and NZB Land Vision dressage Arrived  at Blair to witness  the  lorries being   towed in through the bottomless  mud , yuk !!  Rain had been tipping down and it was  doubtful if the event could proceed BUT the  weather cleared up and the sun and wind came out so that was a blessing.  
Quincey did a really super dressage test , although  we were a bit disappointed with his mark of 53 . The xc in the CCI** was carnage , 20 horses were eliminated or retired !!!  I was out on course waiting for Quincey to go and horses were walking home left right and centre  so  I was getting very,  very nervous . Quincey was really brill  and still had ears pricked and  knees tucked up tight at last fence. What a relief , he was clear and Polly took all straight  routes. It was such a tough track and the deep  ground conditions  and the steep  hill did not help.  
 I am very proud of how well he went as he has not even had his 8th  NZ birthday yet,  so not a bad effort for a young lad.
Sadly Polly withdrew Lyall from xc due to apalling ground conditions so I did not get to see him perform.
SJ day was sunny  but  ground still like glue in the ring , and Quincey had 2 rails although  jumped super well, an unlucky one behind at the last finishing 12th in his first big CI** in very good company.
Erik, Mitch, Deb and friend having a beer !!!Caught up  with more NZers this weekend including Erik Duvander  ( NZ team coach ) over for Burghley, Joe and Deb Meyers, Dan Jocelyn (  I can confirm Dan is a ' innovative ' cook in his lorry !!!) ,  Andrew Nicolson, Deb Mitchell and hubby Mitch ,  and Toddy.

I had a wee  adventure driving back to Cheshire on the sunday night and ended up getting towed for 3 hours by  a AA rescue to Manchester airport to get a new car from Hertz . It was kind of nerve wracking with a mad dash to get to Heathrow airport to catch my flight home .  I made it  though .... phew !!!!

UK Visit - part 3

Monday, August 24, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman
Proud dad Tin Tin and little Iris .My next port of call was to visit Tin Tin  ( a.k. a Constantin van Rijckevorsel ) ,  his lovely wife  Tess  and devine little  baby Iris, near Horsham in Surrey.  I originally met Tin Tim whilst  he was on a riding stint  out in NZ many years ago.  They have a beautiful property with superb facilities to prepare eventers , including use of a 500 acre farm next door to ride out on.
Then headed to a  good friend,  NZer Tim Rusbridge , in Southrop, Gloscestshire. He has done very well and has a very smart  yard with some lovely horses  to compete. He was having a big birthday party and BBQ so it was all go there.  Plenty of people arrived and  the usual ' fun and games ' carry on.... some hilarious stories  the next day ....say no more ... my lips are sealed    !!!
Then shot down to Dorset to  visit to Alice and William Fox-Pitt . It is always a learning curve to  visit their yard  for 2 days and watch William school. This time he was having  dressage lessons with  UK  team trainer Tracey William in  lesson with Tracey Robinson.Robinson.    Great to have a catch up with Jackie as well, his head girl who has been with him  17 years !!!   Fox-Pitts were gearing up for their son, Oli's 4th birthday party and Alice was having 17 little ones arriving ... good fun !!!
Then off  to Marlbourgh to visit Tim Price and Jonelle Richards, from NZ. They have worked extremelly hard and have a super yard as well, with a nice team of horses to campaign.  Their base is  Mere Farm and it is down a 2 mile lane and not another house in sight with lovely rolling hills surrounding them.
End of week 3 and off up to Cheshire to Polly Stocktons next on agenda, where all my NZ ponies  hang out !!!
Can't wait to see them all again.

UK visit - part 2

Monday, August 17, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman
Totally chilled out at lunch in Mistley .Much to my delight the English weather has remained fab  and even reached 29 degrees one day,  so really loving wearing summer clothes !!!
I next headed off to visit my dear friend Lucy Jackson, who now has her own yard with some super horses not far from Oxford.  Lucy rode two of my eventers for me in NZ prior to returning  to the UK to embark on  her career as a professional event rider and is doing remarkably well already.  
Whilst in the area, I spent  a very interesting day absorbing all the action at Aston Le Walls Horse Trials near Banbury.  It  is  the most wonderful event with several hundred horses competing each day, and runs  like clockwork  with superb facilities.
Next on the agenda was a trip  to Mistley ,   in Essex  to have a glorious  long weekend with some non horsey friends,  doing ' normal things '  (  well I assume they are normal things !! )  like sun bathing, enjoying wonderful food, wine and just chilling out .    Mistley was the town where they used to kill  "witches"  which is not the most savory  of stories but it is very true. They were not real witches but merely "herbalists" .  They say  there are real ghosts in some of the village houses ( including the one I stayed in but not in my room ). The ancient  stocks they tied them to in the town square are still standing.

UK Visit - part one

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman
Polly Stockton on way to 4th W.Cup t is that time of the year again, I head off to the UK to see my lovely homebred horse Quincey , who is being produced in the very capable hands of Polly Stockton.
Arrived on the 4th August  to dreary weather and rain ... surprise , surprise !!!
Staying a  few days with good friend and client Jo Clifford.  
Neil Spratt rides Jo's  two  NZ horses which are looking and going great. Noted has just done his first 3* at Barbury with Neil very nicely and Elton has stepped up to Intermediate with ease. Neils has a super team of horses and a great set up with his wife Pip and kids Maisey and Chester.
Headed to Gatcombe on the Friday  to catch up with Polly's  team   and Quincey . The sun finally came out - yeah  !!
Bring on the tan ... well can only hope.
 Quincey was in Novice Championship and performed very well   in top  company , so we are thrilled.  Polly rounded off a super weekend winning the Intermediate Championship with Rooney ( Westwood Mariner ) and 4th World Cup on Mossy ( Westwood Poser ). 
Caught up with loads of NZ riders and friends so was great.
Monday now and raining again...........


Thursday, July 30, 2009 - Joanne Bridgman
"Black Crest" + Rachel Cave CCI* Taupo.Welcome  to  our  website with its fresh new look.   We have more interesting  content coming but still work in progress so keep checking back .  If you would like to subscribe to our Newsletter go onto the Contact Page and fill out form and click the Subscribe button .

Meanwhile , congratulations to Jemma and Marty Clark of Melbourne Australia, on their recent purchase of  the lovely CCI* eventer Black Crest through QNZH's.   Ex owner Rachel Cave has done a great job of producing him and he  has arrived safetly in his new stable and much loved already.